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Higher dimensions, quantum inflations, multiverses, and their interactions.

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    I am here to ask what anyone thinks on the concept of things beyond this universe, such as a multiverse, quantum inflations, or higher dimensionality. Thanks.
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    Welcome to the PFs, caumann! :smile:

    You know, every one of these concepts could have it's own thread, but since they're all here, I'll post my personal opinion:

    I think higher dimensions of space exist, but these would be within the Universe ("Universe" literally means "everything" or "all that exists", so there can be nothing "beyond" it in a literal sense). I'm personally a fan of M-Theory, so I think higher spacial dimensions are rather necessary.

    Inflations may be occuring, but then there must be a broader framework of "empty" space, within which these inflations are occuring. I don't have any reason to believe that this is definitely not the case, but don't personally care for it much.

    As to "Multiverse", I think it's an unnecessary add-on.
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    I should have said something earler. I used the phrase "universe" not as everything that is but rather a collection of matter in a certain location.

    In response to the term "multiverse", I was describing the collection of "universes" that are possible given a particular set of physics.
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