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Hint about quantum mechanics

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    Hi folk, I have intention to study quantum mechanics as self-educated and so not as exam material. In order to do that, I wold know which are fundamental mathematics knowledge that one should need? I've a bachelor degree in computer science engineering and so I already have knowledge about differential calculus, differential equation, complex number, probability calculus and knowledge in physics and in particular classic physics like mechanics, electromagnetism. Could you recommend some books?
    Thanks in advance. :wink:
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    I've gone through introductory QM (book by Griffiths) and I would say that the core mathematical tools used are calculus (namely integration) and linear algebra.

    Of course if you are going to go through the proofs in the book you will need to be somewhat familiar with math proofs in general. Many of the problems both in the book and on our homework revolved around doing integrations, be comfortable with substitutions/integration by parts/etc.

    Differential equations will greatly increase your understanding of the material, however many of the problems do not directly need it. It shows up much more in the proofs themselves.
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