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Hollow shaft power transmission

  1. Dec 16, 2013 #1
    Hello all this is my first post so i hope i can give you the relevant data in the correct format, also thank you for any assistance :)

    I am to find the OD of a hollow shaft when the shafts ID is 0.75 of the OD dimension, the shaft transmits 3MW at 200Rpm. The Shear stress max is 55 MN/m2 and the modulus of rigidity is 80 GN/m2. The OD can be no larger than 270mm / 0.27m.

    Power = 2.Pi.N.T/60 n = 200rpm

    Torque = (p.60)/(2.Pi.N)

    Torque applied = 143.2 KNm

    J (second moment of area) = Pi(D4-d4)/32

    I now know i can use Ta/J = τ/r and transpose that,

    Ta/J = 2τ/OD

    Subbing J so i can then transpose the equation to find the D(OD), by changing out the d(ID) and r for OD parameters.

    Ta/[Pi/32(D4-(0.75.D)4)] = 2τ/D

    I need to transpose this equation for D (the outer diameter) but i'm stuck, i hope this makes sense. The problem is i have calculated all the the answer assuming the max size of 0.27 which is strong enough to transmit the torque but i realise now i need to find the outer diameter with the figures i have given above.

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    Well, you know the applied torque Ta and the max. shear stress τ from your calculations and the OP.

    you can substitute these values into your equation:

    Ta/[Pi/32(D[itex]^{4}[/itex]-(0.75.D)[itex]^{4}[/itex])] = 2τ/D

    and solve for D. All it requires is a little algebra.
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    I got this far i am not sure how to move the (0.75)4 away so i can leave D4 - D4 on that side, leaving me with just D on the other side. It seems i need to catch up on some basic algebra.

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    Remember, 0.75^4 is a number. You can evaluate numbers. Cross-multiply your expression above to make an algebraic equation in the unknown variable D.
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