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Honda's "The Cog"In summary, Honda has released an impressive ad that showcases their engineering prowess through a series of physics-based stunts. The ad features weighted wheels rolling up a ramp to lower their center of mass, creating a visually stunning effect. Despite some initial skepticism, it was revealed that the ad was not the result of trick photography, but rather legitimate engineering and filmmaking techniques. In fact, it took 606 attempts to get the final shot. Overall, the ad has sparked discussions about the role of engineers and filmmakers in its creation, and even raised the possibility of a longer version being made into a short film.
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The 2nd wheel on the ramp accelerates after hitting the third. Looks like trick photography to me.
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the wheels are weighted so that given a small nudge they roll up the ramp in order to lower their centre of mass. Trick physics, not trick photography...

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Yeah, it's all legit. Pretty damn awesome -- I wonder how many tries it took them to get it? :)
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I believe there were 605 failed runs before they got it.

Kind'a throws a different light on the It works theme!
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606 apparently - like integral said, that is one fact that throws the whole point of the campaign out the window. But i won't hold it against them.
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Yeah. I have a DVD "making of" movie. It's very cool how the whole thing was done in one long shoot.

I wonder if anyone is going to petition for a longer version as a full short film? :smile:
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Engineers were probably in charge if it took them 606 tries. ;)
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worse - filmmakers... probably with arts degrees ;)


1. What is the purpose of Honda's "The Cog" advertisement?

Honda's "The Cog" advertisement was created to showcase the precision and engineering behind their cars. It was meant to highlight the concept of "The Power of Dreams" and how Honda's technology and design can come together to create something amazing.

2. How was "The Cog" advertisement made?

"The Cog" advertisement was made using real car parts, with no CGI or special effects. It took a team of engineers and technicians over 600 takes and four months to perfect the sequence.

3. What is the significance of the domino effect in "The Cog" advertisement?

The domino effect in "The Cog" advertisement represents the idea of precision and harmony in motion. Just like how each car part in the sequence works together in perfect synchronization, Honda's cars are designed to work seamlessly and efficiently.

4. Is there a deeper meaning behind "The Cog" advertisement?

While "The Cog" advertisement is primarily meant to showcase Honda's engineering and design, it also represents the idea of pushing boundaries and achieving the impossible. It encourages viewers to dream big and believe in the power of innovation and technology.

5. How did "The Cog" advertisement impact Honda's brand image?

"The Cog" advertisement was a huge success for Honda, garnering numerous awards and accolades. It solidified Honda's reputation as a company that values innovation and precision in their products. It also helped to increase brand awareness and attract a wider audience to Honda's cars.

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