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Honours degree or Masters degree?

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    Hello guys! Which do you guys think is better, an honours degree (an additional year at the end of my undergrad degree usually involving a mixture of research and coursework) or a masters degree? I'll be starting my BSc (intending in Maths and Physics or Computer Science) at the Australian National University next Feb. I've asked some people and most said a masters degree is considered a higher qualification than the honours, but people have also said that it is possible to go direct to the PhD from honours so my question is which do you think is better, in terms of job employment and academia.
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    A lot of universities around my area require one to have a honor's degree in order to apply for a master's program. Check your local universities to see if this applies to you as well. Also, it seems to me that requiring a master's to apply to a phd program is region specific. In Canada it is more common to have a master's degree first I believe.
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    true for some schools: the honour year is required for students who didnt perform to the required standards during their Bsc. It's a pathway to the Msc degree if you don't get, say a 2:1 degree or 1st class. (anybody feel free to correct me if i'm wrong)

    Basically, if you can do a Msc degree go for it. If you have extremely good grade, you might even be eligible to directly enter a PhD program (rare?)
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