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Hooking up 24vdc power supply to motion controller

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    I am asking for help connecting a Wago 24vdc power supply to a Galil motion controller. I have a very limited electrcial background.

    The power supply (ps) has 120vac L-N-G inputs (I get that part) and outputs 24vdc/2.5A as two plus (+) outputs and two minus (-) outputs.

    The inputs on the controller (con) are GND, +VIN, NC, and PE (the three pronged pitchfork symbol).

    I'm guessing ps+ goes to con+VIN but the rest I'm un-certain about since the ps does not output a ground or common. I don't know if the ps- goes to the conNC etc etc. It seems I should also run a wire from conPE to the ground busbar in my panel?

    A picture is below and believe me any help is really appreciated. Thanks.


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    You can probably find the information at the manufacturer's website -- http://www.galilmc.com/

    If I had to guess, I'd say the controller "GND" is probably for the 24v power supply (-) connection. The photo is too small to see any details.
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