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Homework Help: How and when to use Cauchy's integral formula

  1. Jun 3, 2014 #1
    How do I know when to use Cauchy integral formula. Why do we use the formula in this question? As you can see in my attempt, I got stuck.
    Are my values for f(z), z, z​0 here correct?

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    You got the right answer, since f(zo)=1.
    You use the Cauchy integral when you have to evaluate an integral that matches the pattern of a Cauchy integral!
    Sometimes, the contour needs to be closed to get a match and the integral on the closing path can be evaluated by some other means.
    The Cauchy integral is very useful in physics and in signal theory.
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    No, I just solved it and f(z) is not 1, but 1/(z-1).
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    You proved that your integral is 2 Pi I * the Cauchy integral of f(z)=1 around z=I .
    Therefore, your integral is 2 Pi I f(I) = 2 Pi I .
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    Ray Vickson

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    I never look at photo attachments of handwritten work; in fact, if you read the "PF Guidelines" post by vela, you will see that you are not supposed to use them except for very special circumstances---for several good reasons. You should take the trouble to type out your work if you want the helpers to take the trouble to offer free assistance.
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    Exactly! Thread locked. Please create a thread where you write out your work.
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