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How can I calculate the joules for speeding objects?

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    Ok,lets say an object is moving at a constant speed of Mach 7 for 20000ft. The weight for the object is 2000 lbs.

    What formulas could I use to calculate the energy for accelerating objects,or this one in particular?
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    Doc Al

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    The formula for kinetic energy is KE = 1/2mv2.

    m = mass, in kg
    v = speed, in m/s

    KE = kinetic energy, in joules
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    By the way, something moving at constant speed is not accelerating!
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    Thank you I just realized my error,but I was asking for general equations when I said "accelerating objects".
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    KE = .5m(v0^2) + mas = .5m(v0^2) + Fs = .5m(v0^2) + F(v0t + .5(a)(t^2)) ?
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