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How can mech holder go for further studies in space?

  1. Jul 17, 2015 #1
    Hi now I'm doing B.E Mechanical Engineering in India. I wanna become space scientist. I donno what course to pursue after B.E. And I'm planning to do it in Germany. Can any one suggests me courses that are available in astrophysics or cosmology and the colleges in Germany offering those courses??
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    Maybe contact the German Aerospace folks?

    Or possibly the European Space Agency?

    Google is your friend. Find companies that do work with and for such agencies. Find out what they want as far as employment. Also, Google for universities that do work in the area you are interested in. Maybe you can get work with an engineering or physics department at a university that helps out on the ISS or some such.

    When you say "space scientist" what do you have in mind? That could mean anything from you want to be an astronomer to you want to build satellites to you want to study motion sickness in pilots.
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