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How can we defeat pollution as individuals?

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    How can we defeat pollution as individuals?
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    Re: Good ways to pwn n00bz?

    Be the change.
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    Re: Good ways to pwn n00bz?

    Use less paper and recycle more often. I don't think it will "defeat" pollution, but it will certainly slow it down.
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    Hi there

    How would you define pollution? the question is to ambiguous. the solution is vastly different between local/regional/global/water pollution. Using/buying less will generally reduce just about any type of pollution, although technological solutions vary widely.
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    I will tell what i am doing for my part in pollution control.
    1) I switch off my vehicle when i am in signal.
    2) I separate my plastic waste from garbage before disposing to garbage person.
    3) I avoid getting plastic bags from grocery shop. instead i am using cloth bags.
    4) I have started switching off my electrical equipments when ever it is not in use(even if it
    is 1 min).
    5) I am started avoiding print outs of my materials. i have started reading soft copies.
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    As an individual its hard to defeat pollution but it can be avoided by going green and start using enviromental friendly things.
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    I think each of us can help a lot, with small changes. I found a new product called soap nuts. Soap nuts are the dried fruit of the Chinese Soapberry tree. (Sapindus Mukorossi) These berries are harvested and dried in the sun. No other chemicals are added. They make an amazing all natural, non toxic, non polluting, laundry detergent. Do you realize how many 100's of millions of gallons of toxic laundry detergent goes down our drains every year. Soap nuts don't pollute at all. In fact they have an intimicrobial action that actually helps to clean grey water. Soap nuts also come in a cotton sack instead of a large plastic jug to clog our landfills for centuries. Also name brand american laundry detergents like Tide etc contain known carcinogens and many highly toxic chemicals. Soap nuts also cost about half as much as laundry detergents. For more info here is were I bought them. They had the best prices. Edit: removed link. They have a lot of info and links to sites about toxic chemicals in our products.
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    Doug Huffman

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    Every product is,in the beginning, natural. All of the components are collected from the environment and sorted, filtered and concentrated according to need. These concentrated components become un-natural somehow. The dilution and dispersion of these components back to their state ab initio is the solution to pollution.

    Dilution is the solution to pollution, just as the solution concentrated is the source of pollution.
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    Plant more tree use less paper and do not smoke
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    Adopt a no waste lifestyle and if there is waste dispose of it properly.
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