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Homework Help: How Computers are used in the field of Physics?

  1. Sep 11, 2011 #1
    Hello Friends,

    This is my first post here :)

    I am writing an assignment on how Computers are used in the field of Physics. I searched the whole web but couldn't find any article about it. Can you please help me find one article?

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    Hi phyzguy,

    Thanks for the link. But that is entirely different from the topic i want :( It is Computational Physics which is not related to computer science unfortunately.
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    So what do you want? Topics related to Physics, or topics related to computer science?
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    "How Computers are used in the field of Physics" :D Very Confusing! Computational Physics are calculations in Physics. :)
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    Computers are used to perform those calculations because performing them by hand is extremely tedious. Also google "numerical analysis" and "finite element analysis". This is by far the greatest use of computers in physics. There are many simulation applications available that let the user model and simulate pretty much anything in physics, like fluid dynamics, electromagnetics, static and dynamic mechanics, etc.
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    Thanks fleem! :) Any more suggestions are appreciated.
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