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How do i download revtex4-1

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    hi,could someone please tell me how to download revtex-4-1 (or revtex4). ive downloaded the zip files but i dont no what to do after that

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    have you read the FAQ on the revtex page?
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    I don't know that program, but generally, you would need to unzip the files. This can be done with any unzipper but a common one is WinZip. An old one was called PKUNZIP.

    You find these at www.google.com.

    A freeware one is Easyzip
    http://www.thefreesite.com/easyzip111.htm [Broken]
    Seems to work OK.

    Freeware means you can use it for free. Winzip costs money.

    After you unzip all the files to the same directory, you look for an .EXE file called "setup", or something similar, and run it.
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    Simple winzip doesn't.
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    Even better Windows (at least XP) allows you to open up Zip files like directories and uncompress them as well. For compressing things, I've found that the open source and free 7-Zip is pretty good (a warning if you encrypt your zip files however: AES isn't supported by many decompression programs, nor by Windows)
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