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How do scientists know the direction of Magnetic dipole moment?

  1. Jul 14, 2013 #1
    How they know, how to see the spin of electron>??
    Without external field applied, there is random dipole in the paramagnet.
    for diamagnet, without external field , there will be no dipole exist.

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    Measuring the spin of an electron is like measuring the energy level of the electron in a hydrogen atom. We know if it was in one level when it transitions to a lower level by measuring the energy of the emitted photon. The difference between the energy of an electron in one spin state or another is often very small, but if we put it under a strong magnetic field, we can make the energy difference large enough, so we can detect the emitted photon when it transitions from the up spin state to the down spin state.

    Hoping this helps:)
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    By measuring the energy difference~~ thanks
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