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How do speed laser guns differentiate between two cars?

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    If two cars are travelling either in parallel or in close succession to one another how can a laser determine which car it is gauging the speed of?
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    Laser beams are very narrow. When properly used, the operator can tell the cars apart.
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    even more simply, because of their narrow beam, they just aim at the vehicle they want to measure the speed of
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    As has been said, laser guns do not have the problem you seem to think but I believe radar guns do.
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    It's not clear that laser guns are fault free..

    Perhaps this is relevant..


    I believe the problem of "slippage" is also known as "sliding" and it occurs when the beam slides down the sloping hood/bonnet of the car making it appear to be moving faster than it is. I believe officers are trained to focus the beam on a vertically flat surface like a number plate for this reason.
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