How do we feel about direct online sales from an author?

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What can I do to satisfy my concerns about the legitimacy of the direct sale of an author's book(s)?
I've just stumbled across a set of books I might want to read. Benjamin Wallace's 'Duck & Cover Adventures' (described as "Monty Python meets Mad Max").

I would have liked to buy them through my Kobo account but he only sells them direct from his website:

I guess, considering
  • his works are widely-reviewed on Goodreads
  • he immediately replied when I commented on Facebook about not being able to buy it via Kobo
it's likely legit. I just hate giving my shredit card to strangers. I guess I could set up a Google Pay thingy. They'll protect me from fraud, right?
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You could get a visa gift card. They are also available on amazon.
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DaveC426913 said:
I guess I could set up a Google Pay thingy.
There is no need to set anything up if you click on the PayPal button under 'Express Checkout' (NOT the 'pay with PayPal button).

You will then be taken to the PayPal payment gateway - check the "" address at the top of the browser - where you can enter your credit card details which will only be used by PayPal.

Note that the Google Pay gateway will share your credit card details with the site so don't use it.
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I entered some made-up details on the buy now page, and then I did a test purchase, and it did take me to the PayPal page, where I would enter the card details to make a purchase. I didn't buy anything, just tested through to the final payment stage. It looked normal to me.

I've never used an online shop where you GIVE the seller your card details, they always direct you to a card processing company's site. I've built some online shops for clients, and that's the way things work.

The domain name was created on 2023-11-07, so it's unlikely to be a scam, as other buyers would have reported the site to the webhosts to get it closed, which is what I do to fake shops. (It's a hobby of mine ;) ) Fake shops often show multiple changes of web host over a short period of time.
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And having had a look at the above site yesterday, I've just seen a Facebook advert for the author's work.
Same thing happened after I bought some kindle books and visited the author's own site. He too sells from his own site to avoid the cut Amazon take. He sells at less than amazon charge but more than he gets from Amazon. Win-Win.

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