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How do you construct an OVEN THERMOMETER?

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    I need to construct an oven thermometer out of scratch using any materials that are purchasable. Our restrictions are:
    - No mercury
    - The product must be able to read from 250 degrees fahrenheit to 500.
    thank you
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    Is this homework? AFAIK, most oven thermometers use a bimetallic strip wound in a spiral.
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    but we are wondering if you know how to construct it
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    Um...... what I said doesn't give you enough information? Is this homework?
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    yep, this is a bonus project for our physics 11 class. any help would be greatly appreciated
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    Any materials at all? I would start by purchasing an oven thermometer. :wink:
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    Look at www.Omega.com for ideas (You could even buy some of their stuff if you wanted).
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    I don't even think you need a bimetalic strip. All you really need is a metal with a very high melting point, you need to know its coefficients of thermal expantion, and you need a micrometer.

    Of course, this is only as a last resort if you cannot create a bimetalic strip.
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    How about a thermal couple and a voltmeter?
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    why don't you buy one and scratch the company's name off and put yours on
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    First: Construct an oven

    Second: Construct a usefull measure for telling if the oven is "ovening"?

    - Buy one????
    - Use a pyrex 1 cup pitcher near the door and calculate the rate of evaporation?
    - Put a Christmas Card from one of your Ex's in the oven. When it ignites the oven has passed Farenheit 451?

    Ideas abound....
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