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How do you listen to a soundtrack?

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    When they release soundtrack do they pt the song order so it fits together as one connected composition or is it just like the movie sequence? Hans Zimmer Inception for example, does it follow some musical structure or is it exactly as youd hear it in the film?
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    Depends on the type of movie. Typically, musicals will order them sequentially the way they appeared in the movie (re: "Chicago", "Evita", "West Side Story", etc...). This is because the tunes/music/songs convey the story themselves (in "Evita", there was very little dialog. The entire story was done via the music).

    Others, where they are mostly background music, the sequence isn't as crucial.

    My #1 most favorite movie soundtrack of all time is "Nightmare Before Christmas", and the soundtrack is sequential with the movie.

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    Some follow, others hit little jumps as some songs are rated mild language for the movie and don't appear in them.
    My #1 most favorite movie soundtrack of all time is "Jack and The Cuckoo-Clock Heart". I recommend watching the movie in it's original language: French, with English subtitles for those who don't understand French. It's a great movie and the soundtrack as well.
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    By orders of magnitude the best soundtrack … EVER ... was Prokofiev's score for Alexander Nevsky. For concert he wrote a cantata based on that score.

    This transformation from pure accompaniment/programmatic music to structured concert forms can also be heard in his Romeo and Juliet suits from the ballet. Beyond masterful, though there the gap was not as wide.
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    Some years ago our local symphony orchestra performed the Alexander Nevsky score while the film was shown on a large screen behind them. That was an impressive experience! There was also a VHS video of the film with the original low-fidelity soundtrack replaced by a modern performance by the St. Petersburg Philharmonic. I don't think it has ever been released on DVD, or better, on Blu-ray, although Criterion has released a DVD edition with the original soundtrack.
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    Well i guess my all time fav soundtrack is Inception. Its actually the reason I got all interested in soundtrack questions.. I dont know technicals of music but ive never heard music like that before. The chords sound really menacing and almost scary lol.. The music sounds deadly serious to me, like it demands to be listened to.
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