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Homework Help: How does one jump from that integral to that integral?

  1. Sep 10, 2013 #1
    I had to do


    but it was given as a shortcut that


    and the result was


    How does one go from the 2nd to the 3d when there isn't an x^2 in the beginning there?
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    The first integral looks funny. Why is there a factor of 1/(4-2) inside the integral?

    In future, you should follow the homework template and state the complete, original problem, along with any work you have done toward finding the solution.
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    It has no ambiguity, it is actually 1/(4-2). It was based on a Uniform distribution of U(2,4).
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    fateswarm, this is unacceptable. Please start a new thread and USE THE TEMPLATE. You may not substitute pictures, you must type it all in.

    Helpers, please do not respond to threads that are missing the homework template or do not follow the rules.

    Thank you.

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