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B How does Partcle Symmetry affect the way a Particle Behaves?

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    How does a particles symmetry effect the way it behaves? Do particles with similar symmetry interact with each other in a special way than 2 particles with different symmetries?
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    What do you mean by symmetry? Do you mean symmetric vs. antisymmetric wavefunctions, i.e. bosons vs. fermions?
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    well actually i read it in a book, the symbols used to represent symmetry were S with a subscript of 2 or 3 (i don't know how to do a subscript on iphone).
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    Symmetry is a term for the conservation laws that constrain physical equations. Two interacting particles will obey the laws of physics. It is the laws that have symmetries. For example energy conservation can be thought of as invariance under time translation. So time translation is part of a group of transformations.

    This is all very technical but that is what you probably stumbled on and it defies description in simple terms.
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    Read the following:

    Its tied up with Noethers beautiful theorem:

    Its not simple and will require considerable study, but represents probably the most profound revelation of modern physics. It stunned Einstein. We have professors here that when they tell their students they sit in silent awe because of how how deep and profound its startling revelation is.

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    Thanks, but I'm fully aware of that. Trying to express this in B-language defeated me and my post is ... ugh.
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