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How does the Higgs field interact with black holes?

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    What happens to the higgs field around the event horizon of a black hole, or is this currently unknown? Does the higgs field permeate inside the event horizon? Can extreme gravity affect the field in some way by changing its properties?
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    It is everywhere, so it should exist inside black holes as well, but we don't know and we cannot check. The lack of a proper unification of quantum field theory and gravity is another issue.
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    I would imagine that it would be changed since space is heavily warped inside a black hole.
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    Perhaps the question should be, what causes the effect of an interaction in the first place?
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    You might want to read this article to understand that mfb 'answered' your question with pointing out the lack of unification ...


    "The guess that the Higgs has something to do with gravity is natural for a non-expert, but I am afraid it is naive; it comes from misunderstanding both
    1. the Higgs field, which is not universal: it gives masses to most of the known elementary particles but not to the Higgs particle itself, and not to protons and neutrons, dark matter (most likely), or black holes,
    2. and Einstein’s gravity, which is universal and has to do with energy and momentum but not mass directly, and most certainly does pull on protons and neutrons, dark matter and black holes even though their masses don’t come entirely from the Higgs field."
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