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How hard is a intro to probability theory

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    Looks like that will be a simple class for someone with your math background...I think you'll find it's easily within your grasp. Will this be your first class at a university?
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    Yeah, that is going to be one of my first classes at a university. I don't know how much more difficult it is compared to a community college.
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    Is this a probability course or a measure theory course with probability??
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    I don't really know if probability theory is simple when you've taken calculus. Calc is more concrete and deals with situations which you can visualize. Probability seems like it is more complex than that although I've never actually taken it.
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    Nah if it's just a straight up calculus based probability course, it shouldn't be too hard at all. Once you get used to the various random variables, it gets much easier.
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    is this course useful to take if you plan on going to grad schools in pure math?
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    No. But I might go into actuarial science or grad school for applied math.

    Well, I have the option of taking complex analysis instead. Since they are held at the same time I have to pick one or the other. So which one is harder?
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    complex analysis is probably(pun intended) going to be the harder class, very fun though.
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    intro to probability course like this requires basic calculus and discrete maths. However they are just requirement to take the course. To succeed in this course, you need to have ability to solve problem using those techniques.
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    I found complex analysis to be a bit more difficult than my probability courses. But don't take a course because it's easier.

    If you want to apply to applied math grad, a course in probability is probably much more appropriate, lol.
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    Well, I'm probably going to have to take both anyways because my university requires elective credits. I would rather take the easier one my first term to ease my transition from a community college to a 4 yr university.

    Say, how different is probabilty theory from calculus? I'm used to doing mostly calculations and occasionally some applications in physics. My background doesn't go much further than that.
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    I think you may be a bit apprehensive since it's your first class at a university...I was the same way, I started at a community college, too. Being a little nervous is a good thing - it's a really good motivator, I found.

    I would advise taking the probability class first, because if you have to take them both anyway it will likely be the easier class.

    As far as how different probability is...well, it's different - not harder but I don't know how to describe it. I hope you get a good prof - if you need help, come back here, of course!
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