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How it's Made

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    If you like the Science Chanel program How it's Made, here you go. Starting now there are going to be showing all of their 182 episodes over the next five days. Here's their schedule.
    http://science.discovery.com/fansites/howitsmade/episode-guide/episode-guide.html" [Broken]
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    I just learned how feminine pads and concrete pipes are made!

    Turns out, they're totally separate processes.
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    Yeah, pretty much all the girls I know buy this brand:

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    I really like the show.

    They did an awesome job of illuminating the very nuts and bolts of operations - the way they slowed down super-fast machinations and showed exploded views of equipment and such.

    The only quirk I had with it, which has improved dramatically over time, was the voice-over writing. It used to be almost quaint and amateurish.
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    Surely there are commonalities!

    Perhaps the iPad?.....
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    Fun and educational, what's not to like about the show.

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