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How Loyal Are You?

  1. Mar 11, 2004 #1
    After watching Seinfeld a few days ago, an interesting question was brought up on the show, by Jerry and Kramer.

    Jerry said that if he commited murder, Kramer shouldn't turn him in because "he knew him", and it was friendship loyalty.

    Kramer said he would immediately turn in Jerry. Because, who's to say, "I'm not next"?

    In which Jerry replied, "But you know me!"

    Kramer: "Well, I thought I did."

    So, who's side are you on?
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  3. Mar 11, 2004 #2
    I'm with Jerry on that one. Friends don't rat out friends. I've lost all respect for Kramer.
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    I'm with Kramer...if the guy you thought you knew turns out to be someone else, all bets are off.
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    I'm with kramer.
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    i would side with Kramer, but only because of his Kevorka...
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    Jerry: BUT YOU KNOW ME!

    Anyways, Kramer snuck a Cafe Latte into a theatre, then he tripped and spilt it on himself. He was caught, thanks to Jerry ratting him out. :wink:

    He sued the company and took a free Cafe Latte deal for the rest of his life. His lawyer, Jackie Childs - disappointed.
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    His Kevorka has no effect on me. I voted Kramer because of his snappy wardrobe.
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    I'd work with him to pin it on George.

  12. Mar 12, 2004 #11
    I'm on Kramer's side. It's reasonable to say that a person would not want to become friends with a murderer. (If the opposite is true, then there is no conflict.) Therefore, if Jerry committed the murder, then Jerry had obviously previously deceived Kramer and is not a true friend anyway. Jerry is the one who is unloyal for becoming a murderer and expecting Kramer to abandon his morals in the name of "friendship." Kramer had been loyal by not expecting Jerry to commit murder in the first place.

    Bear in mind that this applies only if Jerry has admitted that the murder was in cold blood. If Jerry claims he was justified in his killing, then it becomes a moral decision on Kramer's part, and I would tend to lean on Jerry's side. If Jerry is obviously lying, I would have my doubts, but no matter what I wouldn't turn him in unless I knew that he was guilty.
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