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How man of you preread for a math class? All members welcome, mods,

  1. Oct 29, 2012 #1
    How man of you preread for a math class? All members welcome, mods, homework helpers etc...
    Talking specifically about math classes.

    What if an instructor doesn't give the sections to read. When I do preread, it helps a lot to focus in class and gain more from lecture. Almost always otherwise I am only abou 10-20 engaged, the rest is just plain note taking.

    How about using a textbook? I find I am very dependant it to reread the topics in a more fluent sort of way.

    How do you approach assignments? Do you learn the topics well first, then try the questions, or do you look at the questions and see what you need from the notes.

    Tell also what level you are at of math
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    Re: Pre-Reading

    Hey Square1.

    The short answer is that it depends on what I need to do and who for: if you are doing something for someone else then there are different sets of expectations on both sides (yours and the other party).

    Also the nature of how important something is affects how you do your work: the more critical it is, and the more impact it may have, the differently you approach it. It's one thing to do your absolute best in everything you do but the reality is that people have priorities and there will be trade-offs to make.

    What I can say though is that with an assignment, you just do what you need to do: there is no real secret formula that people are hiding from you. Find out the expectations of the marker and do what you need to do and if they communicate to you that your not meeting those (through marks or otherwise), then just ask them what those expectations are.

    If you are in doubt, always ask.
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    Re: Pre-Reading

    Thanks for the feedback. Yes, sometimes I do struggle with prioritizing and outputting that what is required. Part of it is still not being the best learner there is, but I am finding that another part is that I have this sort of guilty feeling when, for example, doing an assignment with researching just what is needed to do it and pull the marks. I think this is what relates to what you say about trying to do your best in everything but at some point you need to make cuts such as holding off on less important "icing" material...With more experience, I am finding it is not as bad a strategy as I once thought though since there is time in exam reviewing to refine and expand understanding for the test. That may sound bizarre, but the point about the guilt-thing I think is a valid and the reason behind it. Oh well, a student grows in many ways...

    Thanks for the feedback. Much appreciated.

    PS congratulations on deciphering the post. Didn't proof-read it ...lol
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