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How many DNA strands does a chromosome have?

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    Ok this seems like a simple question but when I checked I get so confused. Please use these terms to answer my question.

    1 DNA molecule- This means a double helix (2 strands)
    1 DNA strand- This means when you break the double helix and one separate strand

    I thought one chromatid contain 1 DNA strand and 2 chromatids make a chromosome and 1 DNA molecule.

    So in a diploid cell you have 46 DNA molecules or 92 strands. Is this wrong? :smile:

    EDIT: Oh wait I know why I don't understand this. Chromatid also contains a DNA molecule right. When the cell is replicating each chromosome has 2 dna molecules and when it is not it only has one.

    So when the cell is not reproducing there are 46 DNA molecules
    and when it is there are 92 DNA molecules is that right?
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    i dont see anything wrong with your logic. Looks right
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