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How much credit would YOU have given me?

  1. Dec 12, 2006 #1
    I had to explain the Hall Effect and derive the Hall coefficient

    I didn't recall what the coeff. was but my explanation was solid and I was able to derive the Hall voltage, Vh=BI/net (t was thickness of plate, that's n and e, not the word net >_>)

    I wrote that I didn't know what the coefficient was, and guessed 1/net

    he's a pretty loose teacher, and getting to the voltage expression was the hard part anyways, I figure...
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    Without more details and a better explanation of the context, I'd swag about 7/10. What did you get? Was this on a midterm, final, quiz, what? Which class at what level?
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    A final, so I guess I'll never know :( senior level solid state class, 20 point question, I figure 10 for the explanation, and however many he feels like giving for getting to the voltage? I know, I obsess over how I did on a test after the fact, stressful habit
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