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How much would a used single wide mobile home cost in a very rural area?

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    How much do you think that a used, single wide mobile home would cost in a very rural area? Yes; I know that it depends on many factors. For my example, the used mobile home has a septic tank and a well and everything works and is in decent condition. For my xample, the mobile home includes one acre of land in an area that is so rural that no other house or dwelling is within my range of view from my mobile home.

    What would be a good ballpark figure for how much it would probably cost? I mean, are we talking a price of a thousand dollars, or ten thousand dollars or fifty thousand dollars?
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    Usually the home is sold separately from the land (often mobile homes are on rented lots). You could just google for mobile homes for sale and get a good idea of the range and quality rather than us doing the search for you.
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    First of all don't expect to get 1 acre of land way away from anything. If farmer Bob is going to peel off 1 acre parcels he's going to be selling as many as he can - shoulder to shoulder. You will have neighbors that can see what you're wearing when you get out of bed.

    But that said, why get a trailer home and pay the excess expense for all that makes it mobile? I should think there are plenty of small distressed homes about on enough acreage to give you the privacy that you may want.
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    and usually there's a section in the newspaper about rural properties for sale---plus, like in my area, there are two or three little free magazines with properties for sale. It should be like everything else---it will be different in your area, do a lot of research about homes (and what to look out for, good and bad in them), look at even more in person to find out something you really like (take someone along even to get a second opinion if needed), find something in your price range, don't take on any more (in the way of repairs) that you can handle yourself or can afford, don't buy in a flood plain, and expect that problems may occur anyway. ---I guess its like looking for a good 'woman'/mate (even the flood plain part)
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    Depends, my dad has land in the San Luis valley of Colorado and he bought 180 acres 20 years ago for just a few thousand dollars, and you can't see a living thing for miles. Trailers go for all different prices...

    Oh, and in your case, at least if your still upholding that irrational fear of yours, the military grade defense system to keep the "homos" away could cost upwards of 100 grand.
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    yeah, a trailer in the sticks probably wont solve any of your problems!
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