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How possible is time travel?

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    i would just like to know where to get some good info on possble time travel and some people personal views on it. Thanks.
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    The best science I know about this is Morris and Thorne's traversable wormholes. Kip Thorne has a popular science book "Einstein's Outrageous Legacy" which very entertaining and also very scientific (ie. careful to distinguish what it speculation from fact).

    Some stuff on arXiv:

    This issue is also often discussed with quantum teleportation. The most important restrictive theorem there is called the "no cloning" theorem.
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    George Jones

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    For an excellent, non-technical reference, have a look at the second edition of Time Machines: Time Travel in Physics, Metaphysics, and Science Fiction by Paul Nahin. This is a wonderful book that is written for the educated layperson.

    Physicist (and relativist) Kip Thorne wrote a foreword for the second edition of this book, and here's a quote from this foreword: "It now is not only the most complete documentation of time travel in science fiction; it is also the most thorough review of serious scientific literature on the subject - a review that, remarkably, is scientifically accurate and at the same time largely accessible to a broad audience of nonspecialists."

    As atyy said, wormholes can be used to generate closed timelike curves, but wormholes require exotic material. I wrote about Morris-Thorne wormholes and closed timelike curves here (requires knowledge of special relativity):


    I also have written about rotating black holes and time travel (requires knowledge of general relativity),


    but this possibility likely is blocked by stuff that falls into the black hole.

    See also this post:

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