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How should continue on my study?

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    I'm a High School student in NZ, and Im going to the local university next year. However I dont know what subject should I choose, I perfer pure mathematics, although engineering or computer programming may have much higher incomes so Im considering them. I am very good at mathematics (I studied calculus in my 1st junior year), not so good with language skills and O.K. with physics. Even maths is my most favoured option Im still not sure with path to choose. Can anyone tell me clearly what will happen if I choose one of these 3 subjects? (I dont like to be a teacher or professor because of my language skills)
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    Hey n_kelthuzad and welcome to the forums.

    I have something to say about your language skills comment and I feel it's important to say first because if this is not addressed it will have a huge impact for you if you try and go for any job.

    If you feel you need to improve your communication skills then work on this as soon as possible. You will not be hired if you do not have good communication skills for any of the jobs you have mentioned including teaching, programming, or even academic work. You need good communication skills in all of these.

    If you want to study applied mathematics or statistics or something along those lines (engineering, actuarial work, and so on) then communication skills are very very important. In these kinds of fields you need to often do analysis and give advice in a way that your boss or your client or even your coworker can understand. You won't get through your degree if it's worth anything let alone to the interview stage if this is the case.

    My recommendation is to go to Toastmasters and pay the $40 yearly fee and if you put in a lot you will get out a lot. A good Toastmasters club will have very experienced members, a very organized meeting, and some good mentors who will help you with this as long as you put in the effort.

    If you want to do programming (I used to get paid for this) but still like the idea of mathematics, do a mathematics degree and do a few electives in your first year. If you like this then spend as much time building a portfolio and getting some experience reading and writing code and also debugging code. If you want more specific advice for programming, PM me.

    I wish you all the best and just remember that if you want to get the most out of uni, you'll be learning a lot more than just the coursework involves.
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