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How temperature affects GM tube performance?

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    Anyone familiar with GM tube, please share some experience on the effect of temperature to GM tube performance, how does it influence?
    I found our GM tube tally has increase a little as the temperature increased rapidly from 4 degree to 55 degree, I wonder is it a casualness or a indication of bad performance?
    Thanks a lot!
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    I have not worked with GM counters since tens of years. I think that the only way that temperature can affect the behavior of the tube is through the vapor pressure of the quencher. If the temperature is too low some of the quencher condenses. This does not change the sensitivity, but the quenching itself can be affected.
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    Thanks for your answer.
    I also doubted it was the normal tally fluctuation. From the research papers it seems GM tube will work well within the temperature range.
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