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How they move

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    Hello, I have some students--my part-time job as a teacher--who are know in their first year at high school. They asked me a question about how some sticks drawn in http://www.sodaplay.com were getting well connected and also can move back and forth amazingly. There is no doubt that my students join their school robotics club.
    I am their teacher anyway, you know, it is really such a shame if I couldn't answer their questions properly.

    Can you help by explaining a simple 4 sticks joining at one end and will walk on the ground by 4 other ends ? Are they made by any software ?

    Thanks a lot,
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    Is there any way you can rephrase your question? I really am not getting the gist of it. Are you wondering how the Sodaplay software works or are you wondering how to make an actual robot work?
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    I meant to know how those sticks could walk
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    What, in the computer program or in real life?
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    Follow this link: http://www.sodaplay.com/constructor/how/works.htm
    It explains what the sticks are doing.

    In a nutshell, each stick is a spring and it lengthens and contracts at a specific rate. If you coordinate these at just the right frequencies you will get components that act very much like muscles. Combine these components in a coordinated way, and you can get locomotion.
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