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How to ace in AP Physics

  1. Aug 23, 2012 #1
    This is not a physics question. Just hoping for advice for any people who taken this course in high school. My school is a block schedule so I take AP pysics B and AP physics C in one year. Currently, the first semester i am making 23% on tests and the highest was a 40%. I am one of the top students in the school and I read the textbook at least twice a night. How come I still have the lowest grade in AP physics while a football player who do nothing but flirt with girls get about 70s% on his assignments? I am really depressed. I have never make anything lower than a 96% since elementary school. The class is killing me. I watch almost every video on Youtube there is on kinematics and Motion but I still dont get 50s. Why is this class so hard. I am definitely motivated?

    Can anyone provide my with advice.

    Oh yeah I finish precalculus in ninth grade and calculus in tenth grade. I am a senior taking Calculus 2/3.
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    You need to analyze your test results. What kinds of mistakes are you making? Are they stupid mistakes like using the wrong "sign"? Are they boneheaded mistakes like using your left hand for the right hand rule? I have done that. Are you misunderstanding the concepts? How are you doing on homework problems? Don't concern yourself with the football player-- he could simply be gifted in physics. Concern yourself with yourself. Fix yourself.
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