How to build a website with 2 web pages?

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So I created 2 web pages with the directories C:\..., you get the idea. But on a web page, I created a link for another web page so once people click on the link on my first web page, they can see my other web page. But when I typed the directory on the browser, it came out okay but when I clicked on the link for another web page, it doesn't come out. What do I need to do? Do I have to get a host for my 2 web pages? Are there good free host available online? I want to make my website official. I want people know that it's mine.
The directory you typed for the 2nd webpage, and the link on your 1st webpage for the 2nd webpage don't match. If they are in the same directory it is simply <a href="nameoffile.html">Link text</a>. You don't need web hosting to do this.
I build 2 web pages and have 2 different directories for these 2 web pages. I made a link on my first web page for people to click on to see my second web page. But it doesn't work.


Math10, I honestly suggest that you get a book like this since you have no knowledge about the subject. As I've stated before, we cannot teach you how to build things on the internet, especially not the e-commerce thing you were trying before when you lack the most basic knowledge. You need to show some effort and learn the basics first.

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