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How to convert time domaine signal into frequency domain signal

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    I am new to signal theory and don't know what is time domaine signal and frequency domaine signal. Please some can explaine me clearly and how can we convert between those two domaines.
    I read the topic in wikipedia which makes me somepart clear but interested to know more.
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    You have a Masters in electronics...
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    I like this topic of Signals and the way each signal can be represented mathematically. To your question the first thing that comes to my mind is Transform Methods. But my question is, when do you use all these transform methods. The ones I came across on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_transforms" [Broken]are Integral transforms and Discrete transforms and Discrete-time transforms and Data-dependent transforms and Other transforms. Now, when do you have to use all of these transforms, do you use it on any particular occasion?
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    Yes, i worked with them long ago. After three years again i came around here. I am using them in LABView. I have a signal that consists of noise which has taken from accelerometer sensor. The sensor is attached to a motor which has noise when the stroke touches near by mechanical part. I am going to attach the two pictures that i taken when noise frequencies are affected the original. I don't know how to proceed that the writing program should detet the these noise by seeing that noise picture and take the decision to remove that noise.

    Please give me some ideas.

    I am doing masters that means i need to listen to some other talented people. It is not that i know everything.

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