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How to create a vacuum

  1. May 17, 2014 #1
    Hello all,
    I was wondering how to create a partial vacuum using common household items. It would be in a small rectangle box which has an opening on top that will be sealed immediately after the vacuum is created. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks
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    Hey albertichardf,

    This is an interesting home project. And it has already been undertaken by many. To begin with, you can use an empty bottle to create vacuum. I found this video which might help you:
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    Ok thanks for the idea. The video is useful.
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    Condensing steam is a good way to produce a pretty good vacuum and it's so easy. Boil water in an open (and I stress OPEN) container, screwing the lid on and pouring cold water on it will give a very useful amount of vacuum. All the old steam engines worked on the reduced pressure of condensing water rather than the pressure increase when boiling. The vessels that they could make were just not strong enough to handle positive pressure.
    See this link to find out about the early 'atmospheric engine'. This sort of approach will not give a continuous vacuum, though.

    If you just want a small amount of continuous 'suck' then the venturi vacuum pump will give you something usable. These aspirator pumps were commonly used in labs to produce reduced pressure for filtering etc.
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