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How to cut a vector in R

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    How do a cut a vector in R? Say I want to split a vector to two parts. One for everything less than 150 and other for everything greater than 150. I tried the cut function but it seems confusing.
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    Here are some examples: http://www.endmemo.com/program/R/cut.php
    From the link above:
    Here x is an array of 100 random normal values. (The R code is shown in the link.)
    The cut function breaks the array up into intervals from -5 to 5, with a step size of 1.
    The first few values in the array are
    The first value above lies in the interval (-1, 0]. The second value above lies in the interval (0, 1], and so on.

    As for the question you asked, try something like cut(vec, breaks=0:150:300)

    Here vec is your vector, and the breaks are at 0, 150, and 300.
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