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How to deal with the j?

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    given z is complex, sketch the following locus on the Argand diagram:

    {(z-3+j)/(z-j) }= square roots of 5

    { }= modulus .

    hope anyone can guide .
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    First, you use "i" instead of "j" like a normal human being, not an engineer!:rofl:

    "Square" both sides to get
    [tex]\frac{(z-3+ i)(\overline{z}-3-i)}{(z+i)(\overline{z}- i)}= 5[/itex]
    Setting z= x+ iy that is
    [tex](x-2 + i(y+1))(x- 2)- i(y-1)= 5(x+ i(y+1))(x- i(y-1))[/itex]

    Multiply that out and separate real and imaginary terms.
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