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How to debunk this guy?

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    I have arguments with him all the time, not in a harsh manner, but in a good way. I don't believe 2012, he does. But im not sure what to say to his latest addition.

    Here is the link:


    Any ideas to shut them down? (not the site, i just mean shut them up in a nice way lol) I would be grateful.
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    Offer him $1000 now for his house/car - which you will collect in 2013
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    Lol - thats quite a good answer, but one which won't stand up.

    There's some crazy people on that website, I have tried telling them lots of things, but they just won't believe me.

    It's like that film...Ummmm...Religilous I think it was called.

    Recommended by the way.
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    D H

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    This 2012 thing is far from the first and will not be the last end-of-the-world scare. There are always going to be fools who want the world to end, other fools who are afraid the world will end. There will also always be people who don't believe any of this hogwash but see that suckering these fools is a way to get rich.

    You probably are not going to convince the first two groups that this is bunk because they would rather wallow in their self-loathing / fear than see things rationally. You are definitely not going to convince the third group that this is bunk. They already know it is bunk, but admitting that this is the case would put an end to their money-making endeavors.
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    Lol - well said, take my hat off to you, been saying this to these people for a long time, but it goes no further in there mind,

    To be honest though, I don't know how to debunk anything he put in that thread because..It's all about "Cellular Consciousness" - I don't know anything about this, is what he said true?

    Wouldn't mind learning about what he is on about....
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    In december 2012 a Mayan calender clicks round from to

    This will cause the same Y2K problems for any computers programmed using the Mayan calender which don't bother using the full set of digits. But you are probably safe since most Maya computer software used the full long count set of digits.
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    Now that confused me :S

    What I actually meant was is there any truth to the consciouss babble he was talking about?
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    That the calender of some people living 1000 years ago happens to click to a new digit ? - Yes
    That this will have any effect at all ? - no
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    What people is he referring to? The Mayans? All they did was predict a few eclipses. Now all I hear is "Dawn of Aquarious" - Wtf?

    But it's easy to say to them, No it won't happen...But do we have any proof to say NO?
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    We don't discuss 2012 theories here.
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