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How to erase pen writing by chemical?

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    Pen is a common tool for writing, but it is difficult to erase them if errors occur.
    There's some ways to erase the pen writing, such as liquid paper and sand rubber. However, using liquid paper is not really tidy, while sand rubber might make a hole in your paper! :smile:
    I heard that blue pen ink contain ferum tannate, so what chemical can be used to discolour the ink?
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    Most ways will be messy since most methods are of liquid form. There are ways of removing such marks (even of permanent markers) if you had written them on a beaker.......paper just won't do.
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    There are commercial products like Tipp-ex(R), in which a white coating compound is dissolved in trichloroethane, which is quite volatile to immobilize this compound on surfaces to where this preparation is applied. Then you can rewrite what you want after a short time.
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