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How to fill out a job application

  1. Jan 21, 2013 #1
    On one application the employer asks about job history. Two questions are included which I have not come across before other than in an interview and I don't know how I should go about answering them. They are:

    What did you like most about this job?
    What did you like least about this job?

    My natural inclination would be to just answer the question directly and honestly, however I know the latter question may be a bureaucratic trap. I feel that either leing or just leaving the second question blank is smarter than answering the question honestly. Sad. Not that anything I hated about my jobs were particularly bad (Filing papers, getting filthy doing manual labor, etc), I'm just afraid it may be a question that sets you up to fail.
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    You could just say something like "The every-day logistics that don't directly relate to my job (mention a couple). But I know that it's important to get them done, so that I can focus on the main parts of my work."

    Or similar. That would not be lying, and I don't think any employer would find it bad. They probably feel the same way.

    I agree that some folks will give answers that will not sit well with the employer. Like, "Oh, I hate it how office politics always seem to be getting in the way..." :rolleyes:
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    See, for one job when I was an intern I was just going to say 'paperwork' and the other, which required a lot of manual labor, would have been 'getting filthy during work' (one point in time I was completely covered in red paint dust when I was wire brushing the back of a dump truck).

    In a way this kind of reminds me of the useless Personality tests that some employers make you take. I can't tell if they want you to answer 'correctly' or just blatantly lie.
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    You didn't like my approach? If you just say "paperwork", that could cover a lot of things. If you use some of the keywords I used, that helps to indicate that there are no underlying issues with you and your attitude toward work. What if the paperwork you didn't like was a core part of your potential new work?

    And I guess on the manual labor job, you could say that one of the reasons that you are working so hard in school now is so that you can move from your initial manual labor job to more technical and fulfilling work.

    What kind of jobs are you applying for now?
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    Oh I did like your approach, it will work great. The problem is me, I'm very direct - which isn't great when applying for jobs.

    I am applying for [entry level] engineering jobs preferably related to the aerospace sector
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