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Homework Help: How to find derivative to a function

  1. Apr 6, 2013 #1
    I am new to the forum and having a problem solving this equation any help would be apprehended.

    The problem is F(x)=X√1-x
    Need to find derivative then absolute min and max.

    P.S please let me know if i am posting the right way.

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    Hey John, Welcome to physicsforums!
    In this Forum, the idea is to give a good attempt at the problem, and write down your working, and if you don't manage to get to the right answer, then people offer advice. So we definitely need more information on what you are getting stuck with in this problem. Also, is the function mean to be: [itex]x \sqrt{1-x} [/itex] I wasn't sure if that big X was meant to be a different variable, or the same as the little x ?
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    Assuming that you meant ##x\sqrt{1-x}##, you will need to use the product rule: ##(fg)'(x)=f'(x)g(x)+f(x)g'(x)##.

    This is really all we can tell you at this point. We will only offer hints, not complete solutions. You are also expected to post your work up to the point where you get stuck. When you start a new thread, you should use the template that's provided for you. (If you preview, another copy of the template is inserted. This is a known bug that we don't know how to fix. So you will just have to delete the extra template).
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