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How to generate high freqnecy (electromagnetic)

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    Hi all,

    This is frustrating. I've searched all over the net for how one can generate high freqency, maybe a few Mhz. The most I could get is using the magnetic field which in turn manipulate the electric field to oscillate the electron. Well, that would result in million of cycle per second. How can we do that? I suppose through a device in a circuit (maybe a switch that could open/shut at millions of times per second). Please give me some insight information if you're a pro in this area. Thx
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    I believe you're talking about a radio transmitter. Look at what capacitors do in oscillator circuits.
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    Well, first of all, "a few MHz" isn't that high. There are plenty of GHz sources already, and people are starting to also generate THz source.

    Secondly, most MHz sources (such as radio stations) use quartz oscillators to generate such frequency range. It then gets amplified.

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