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How to get a CAD drawing machined?

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    Hi. I am trying to figure out how to get a stator and rotor manufactured for a motor I am building as a learning project. Anyone have any clue how I can get a stator manufactured from a cad drawing with electrical steel ?

    Everything I see on the net is for large orders sigh. I have never done this before so I figured id ask for help. Am I going to have to make the stator myself or is it easy to find someone to machine it?
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    the normal process to make the laminations is punching but tooling costs for punching are high. For a very short run profile cutting is probably cheaper, call around your local firms that do plasma/waterjet/laser cutting and get some quotes. Generally you just need to provide a dxf. You may have to source the steel yourself as they probably won't stock it.
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    Just contact a local machine shop and ask for a quote. You'll need to know what sort of tolerance you need and what materials and finish you want.
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    @fahraynk - I regularly get small parts laser cut which are so accurate for size that they need no further machining .

    Which country are you in ?
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