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Alright who can gleek, and more importantly who can teach me how!
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I had a friend who taught me to do this. He could send out a perfect little stream about a foot and half. It is hard for me to put it into words but I raise my tounge slightly with mouth ajar and pull in the bottom of my throat (sorry, that's the best I can explain it) and sort of pull my tounge back.
The rest is just saliva on the butter dish.

Now, if you'd like to do some Geeking here is a way to get started; [Broken]
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Come on people surely someone out there can offer some more explanations for me. This is important, were talking childhood dreams will be shattered here if I never learn how to gleek!
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I need an explanation of what Gleeking is before I can tell you whether I can do it or not :smile:

I don't really...get it from that photo lol.
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That photo is geeking. I'm talking about gleeking. Its where you can somehow magically open your mouth and a perfect little ray of saliva goes streaking out from your mouth. I think how it works is it actually shoots saliva straight out of your salivary ducts out of your mouth and casts a fine mist of saliva on your unsuspecting targets. It sounds stupid, but it is incredibly cool. If you ever saw someone do it you would understand why it is so cool, and would like me, demand to know how to do it!
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LOL, yeah I've always been able to do it. I can usually get 3 spurts at one time before it dries up.

I kind of open my mouth a little, and put my tongue somewhere near the middle of the roof of my mouth. And whooosh!

I can now give my rare talent a name
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it is a matter of applying a quick and precise pressure from your tongue to the bottom of your mouth. basically you put your tongue up on the roof of your mouth and then flex it so that it expands and pushes forward, thereby displacing the saliva which pools in front of it. ever cooler, i can form a little bubble on the end of my tongue and make it fly off into the air.
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This thread is making me salivate.
It is embarrassing to have a stream shoot off onto the butter dish or loaf of bread, or the plate of some company you’re having dinner with, or the company his/her self. All of that has happened to me and sometimes I’ve wondered if practicing only increases the odds of it happening by accident. Did anyone ever pretend they were a spitting cobra when doing this?

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I used to do it all the time when I was little, though not on purpose. Thankfully it's stopped now. People don't usually appreciate your saliva on their face...
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Originally posted by kyleb
ever cooler, i can form a little bubble on the end of my tongue and make it fly off into the air.

lol this was going to be the next thing I asked, so how do you do that?
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re- - : gleekin'

Yea, there was a time when I envied all the boys in my class who committed themselves to gleeking. I didn't like being salivated upon, but regardless. It is very cool to watch.

If only I too knew how...


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