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How to Harness braking energy from an electric motor

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    I have a controller fed 3 phase 1kw servomotor which moves a mass over 1 metre ramping up for 1 second whilst energised, then it ramps down for 1 second.
    The motor is on (energised) for 1 second then it is off (braking) for 1 second which completes the first cycle, the cycle is then repeated continuously.
    However I would like to harness the 'braking energy' created whilst in the off part of the cycle and then feed it back to the motor to offset the input power used.
    Could anyone tell me what electronic circuit design would be to make this happen, I assume it would be a capacitor circuit and some sort of solid state relay that kicks in when the input power stops.
    Or otherwise maybe point me towards a pre-assembled device that is ready made and that I could buy off the shelf.
    Thank you for your help.
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    This posting seems to be related to your previous ones about servo motors .

    We don't really have enough information to answer your questions properly . Please tell us more about what you are trying to do overall .
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    A description of the "controller" and what you mean by "3 phase servo motor" is needed before the question can be answered.
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    The 'magic words' here are "regenerative braking." A place to start is contact the manufacturer of the controller you are using and ask if they have a controller version that has regenerative braking. If they don't have one, ask if they can suggest a source for one.
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