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How to manufacture gear?

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    the question given is this

    " Gears can be made of forging especially bevel gears. Through literature survey describe the sequence of manufacturing steps involved in the production of gears."

    what i thought is that the gear should be manufactured by extrusion, and then cut it into pieces. but the question had said that gear is manufacture by forging. after i search the internet, no website tell me how to manufacture gears.:cry:

    can someone help me to solve this question, please....
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    There is plenty of information out there, you just have to hunt for it. Machinery's Handbook has an entire chapter on gears and splines.

    Small gears can be manufactured by extrusion, but that is not the case for larger gears, especially those that require tight tolerances and high precision. A lot of gears can be made from forgings, but will have many secondary machining steps after to finish the part.

    I would highly recommend that you start with the American Gearm Manufacturing Association's web site (AGMA): http://www.agma.org

    I would suggest looking into the following terminology:
    - Hobbing
    - Grinding (in regards to gear grinding)
    - Shaping

    I wrote this assuming that you are referring only to metallic gears, not polymer based.
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