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B How to measure the area of a Clapeyron diagram (pV diagram)?

  1. Dec 14, 2016 #1
    The question is in the title. However my mathematical ability is limited as I am a high school student.

    Thank you in advance
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    Many different methods . Post the diagram and tell us where it originates .
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    Cut out the area with a scissors and weigh it on a sensitive balance. Then cut out a known rectangular area of the paper and weigh it to calibrate the paper.
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    Thank you I will try this, I do not know if I have access to a sensitive enough balance.
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    You're a high school student, but some high school students have had calculus. Have you had integral calculus yet?
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    Trace the shape onto squared graph paper and count the squares. You'll find that most fractions of a square can readily be paired with another to form the equivalent of one whole square, then use your best estimate for the area of each of those remaining.

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    And do you know the P-V equations for each "side" of the figure in your diagram?
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