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How To Remember IC Configurations?

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    Hi Everyone,

    Okay so I am doing Computer Sciences and Engineering , and I have to take an Electronics class, where I have to realize gates and realize logical expressions with IC's , now I want to know how do I actually remember the IC configuration for e.g. http://www.futurlec.com/IC7404.html

    I have to use 10 different IC's and have to remember the configurations and what pin goes where for all these IC's , its quite a tedious task, but I don't understand in real life , won't you just look up the data sheet and then connect accordingly?

    But anyway now that's out of the question, because I have to memorize the Circuit Diagram and the configurations and the IC's required for each configurations,

    Can someone help me out and let me know how do I actually do this? I am not good at memorizing , but is there something I am missing?
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    Yes, that's exactly what you'd do. It's pointless to memorize stuff that's so easy to look up. What's really important is that you know what the ICs do and how to use them, not the specific configuration of their pins.
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