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How to use multi-quote?

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    I'm really embarrased that I haven't been able to figure this out. When I hit "multi quote", it just makes the button change color but nothing else happens. So I think maybe it's a button that modifies the "quote" button. Naturally, then, I hit the quote button next. But it doesn't seem to change anything. What am I missing here?
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    You mash "multi-quote" if you want to quote from more than one post. So you mash that button on the first post you want to quote from, and then (let's say you want to quote from three posts) you mash "multi-quote" on the second post you want to quote from, then you mash "quote" on the final post you want to quote from. They all need to be separate posts. Once you click the "quote" button after clicking the "multi-quote" button on different posts, you'll get a reply screen with all of the posts you wanted to quote from in it.

    Don't worry. It's not self-evident. It took me some time to figure it out. :smile:
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    I see! Thank you. Well, I'm trying to separate different quotes from the same post. Will it work if I just copy and paste the information in the brackets? I'm thinking that must be the way to do it. I'd rather ask first, though, so I don't mess up my post with brackets and such.
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    Well, if you find a way, let me know.
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    I just cut and paste the [ QUOTE=...] parts and the [ /QUOTE] parts.
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    You mean like this?

    Edited to add: Hah! lisab beat me to it. That's because she's all about community spirit. :smile:
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    I'm using this thread as practice to see if copying and pasting works.

    It should be self evident once I submit this.
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    Yay you!
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    How funny! I began my last post long ago but was distracted by my daughters needs and I left it open on the reply page for all that time. If I had refreshed it before continuing, I would've seen that everyone had already beat me to it! Thanks for your help, everyone.
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    :rollseyes: Yes. I can do it manually too. The OP seeemd to be wondering if there were a better way.
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    Wasn't the original question about using the multi-quote feature?

    Okay, enough of me playing around. To requote:
    When the button changes color, then that post is included in the list of posts to be multi-quoted. Click "multi-quote" on all the posts you want to include, then finally click the regular "quote" button and they will all appear as quoted posts in your reply textbox. I believe they appear in the same order that you click "multi-quote", not necessarily chronological.
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    I'm using this thread as a scratchpad to see if I can make something "quoted" without having a name attached. I'm going to do this by putting this, [ / Q U O T E ], at the beginning and ending of a phrase.

    [/QUOTE]Does this work?[/QUOTE]
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    [/QUOTE]That's odd. I did do it in caps. Let me try again..[/QUOTE]

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    [ Q U O T E = ] This is how it worked (but without the spaces, obviously). [ / Q U O T E ]
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    We would prefer that you use the full auto quote that has the link to the post. If you don't, people will have no idea where the quote came from or what context it was in.

    If you want to use the plain quote tags for further responses in your same post where you used the original quote link, that is ok.
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    Thanks for the clarification. I agree, it is obviously easier for everyone to use the full auto quote. I had in mind using the "general quote" as a way of isolating quotes cut and pasted from, say, another website. Obviously, if I did so, I would need to manually cite where the quote came from.
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