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How to view .he5 file?

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    How to view .he5 file??

    Not sure if this is the right place in the forum to ask this question. If it isn't, feel free to move it to the appropriate section.

    I am trying to obtain some data from the NASA NOAA website for a project I am working on, namely some ozone data from this page:

    http://daac.gsfc.nasa.gov/daac-bin/whom/mk_page_cgi.pl?PATH=datapool/MLS_DP/Level2.002/ML2O3/2008/06/06 [Broken]

    I checked where it said 'select' in the data file box, then narrrowed down my spatial setting to the region where I needed the data. After clicking the 'submit subset request' I reach a page that has this:

    Subsetted Data Download Instructions:

    Single file download: click on the file: MLS-Aura_L2GP-O3_v02-23-c01_2008d158.SUB.he5

    Multiple file download:
    Download the FTP_script: order_21205.txt
    On SGI or Linux machine, run: ftp -p -n acdisc.gsfc.nasa.gov < order_21205.txt
    On DOS, SunOS or Windows/Mac platforms, run: ftp -n acdisc.gsfc.nasa.gov < order_21205.txt

    My question is, how does one view a .he5 file?? I have never seen this before. Additionally, this page attempts to offer assitance but I have no idea what it is telling me to do:


    Can anyone offer any help as to how to extract and view this data?? Or if possible, can someone just extract it and paste it here? Thanks for any help you can give me, this is sort of important.
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    Re: How to view .he5 file??

    The page just describes how to downloadthe files from ftp - useful advice for 1990 but less so now.

    googling ".he5 file" the first two hits gives papers describing the file format, it looks like you will have to write something to extract the data.
    Odd that they should use such an opaque binary file format when there are already NASA standards like FITS for this sort of thing.
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    Re: How to view .he5 file??

    Thanks. Managed to download a program called HDFView that reads those kinds of files directly. I guess the latest creation of the Hierarchical Data Format for Earth Observing System related data, or the so-called "he5" data file, is used by NASA in instances where there is a lot of data that would otherwise create a prohibitively large sized file. Who knows, who really cares. Just glad I found a program to read it.
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    Re: How to view .he5 file??

    Moved to "computers" since I think it fits best here.
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